Semaglutide for Weight Loss in Edina, TN

Our Semaglutide program is safe, effective, and delivers results.

At Face It Franklin, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve and maintain a healthy weight so they can enjoy life well into their retirement years. Unlike other medical weight loss centers, our approach takes into account multiple factors that contribute to weight gain. We work to identify the root causes of your weight issues, whether it be anxiety, depression, poor nutrition, or other factors.

If you feel stuck and unsatisfied, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you rationalize eating extra to not be wasteful?
  • Did your health and nutrition suffer during COVID lockdowns?
  • Are you premenopausal or menopausal?
  • Is your lymphatic system healthy?
  • Do you eat to make yourself happy?
  • Do you find yourself comfort eating to push down feelings and anxiety?

If you find yourself connecting with the scenarios above, it could be time to make a serious change for the benefit of your life, your family, and your friends.

Face It Franklin's weight loss experts work with you one-on-one to develop a customized plan that addresses your specific needs and helps you make long-lasting lifestyle changes. We focus on sustainable habits and provide a strong support system, so you won't have to worry about extreme diets or exercise plans. When you work with us, you can trust that we have your best interests in mind and will provide you with effective, personalized solutions supplemented with proven medicines like semaglutide.

Semaglutide For Weight Loss Edina, TN

What is Semaglutide in Edina, TN?

Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off? Incorporating diet and exercise into your weight loss plan is crucial, but it can be a challenging and discouraging process. If you're in need of some extra help, you may want to consider semaglutide from Face It Franklin. This injection, recently FDA-approved for diabetes and obesity, stimulates GLP-1 receptors in your brain, which can aid in faster weight loss and long-term well-being. By making you feel full even with smaller portions of food, semaglutide can help you shed body fat and regulate your blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity.

Overall, semaglutide could be a valuable addition to your weight loss journey because it has been shown to:

  • Regulate Your Glucose Levels
  • Increase Feelings of Fullness
  • Suppress Your Appetite
  • Slows Gastric Emptying
  • Boosted Insulin Secretion
  • Facilitate Weight Loss

Semaglutide does this by stimulating insulin release from the pancreas after eating, which can reduce blood sugar levels and boost satiety hormones like CCK and GLP-1. It is also great for decreasing the hormone that triggers hunger, called ghrelin.

Semaglutide For Weight Loss Edina, TN
Semaglutide For Weight Loss Edina, TN

Discover the New You with Face It Franklin's Semaglutide Program

Semaglutide in Edina, TN, is safe, effective, and delivers real results that can make you look great and feel even better. Unlike some weight loss clinics, at Face It Franklin, all of our weight loss visits are 100% virtual. That means you can get healthy, lose weight, and speak to our professionals from the comfort of your couch or office. For your convenience, our team ships your medications and supplies straight to your front door. That way, you can focus on your day-to-day responsibilities and work obligations without having to drive to consultations or figure out travel logistics.

Personalized Treatment Made Easy

Semaglutide For Weight Loss Edina, TN

When you use Face It Franklin for your weight loss journey, you'll get a personalized treatment plan prescribed by one of our medical providers to help you meet your weight loss goals. Our team knows that no two people are the same, and by proxy, neither are their bodies. Every person has unique needs, goals, and weight loss issues.

That's why we take the extra effort to ensure your weight loss plan is customized to your body and your needs, not someone who looks or weighs the same as you. We make the process simple to get started and deliver any medications and supplies directly to you from our licensed compounding pharmacy. Each month, you'll meet one-on-one with our medical providers in a virtual setting, to ensure you get the results your body needs to be healthy.

Our program is designed to assist you in achieving your desired weight through the use of semaglutide while also incorporating healthy lifestyle choices such as proper diet and exercise. Once your weight loss goal is reached, your Face It Franklin provider will collaborate with you to decrease your medication dosage, provided it is feasible. With the aid of better sleep, a balanced diet, and increased physical activity, many patients may be able to take a much lower dosage or even discontinue medication entirely. If you find that your goals are not being met, our weight-loss specialists can conduct additional testing to identify any obstacles and modify your plan accordingly.

Is Semaglutide in Edina, TN, Safe?

It's good to be wary about any medication that makes changes within your body. With that said, to put it simply, yes - this weight-loss drug is safe for you to use, so long as you qualify. In fact, semaglutide is safe even for patients who have endocrine, kidney, heart, and liver conditions. As of June 4, 2021, the Food & Drug Administration has given approval for semaglutide injections (2.4mg once weekly) to be used in chronic weight management for adults who have obesity and at least one weight-related condition such as:

  • High Cholesterol
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • More

This injection, which goes under the skin, can be used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity. Since 2014, semaglutide has been the first drug that has been approved for this type of weight management in adults.

Semaglutide For Weight Loss Edina, TN

Who Should Take Semaglutide from Face It Franklin?

Semaglutide For Weight Loss Edina, TN

Semaglutide is a medication intended for adults who face difficulties with obesity, excessive weight, or weight-related medical issues like high cholesterol or high blood pressure. To comply with the guidelines provided by the FDA, an individual must fall within a specific BMI range to qualify for semaglutide and participate in Face It Franklin's weight loss program. If you are unsure whether semaglutide injections are the right choice for you, we encourage you to book a consultation with one of our weight loss specialists today.

When Will Patients See Results from Semaglutide in Edina, TN?

If you're looking for sustainable weight loss, quick fixes and crash diets won't cut it. At Face It Franklin, our semaglutide weight loss program offers personalized plans and practical lifestyle adjustments to ensure lasting results. Patients often notice results soon after beginning semaglutide, but it should be clear that no two patients will have the same benefits or results from semaglutide.

With that out of the way, you can expect semaglutide to begin working soon after your first injection. Patients usually experience weight loss within two weeks of starting the program. The duration of the program will vary depending on your weight loss goals, but most patients can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week or 8-10 pounds per month. It's important to note that results may vary from person to person, but optimal outcomes are achieved when the medication is combined with a healthy diet, exercise, and guidance from our weight-loss professionals.

However, at Face It Franklin, we have patients who often lose more than this rate of weight loss. While semaglutide certainly plays a role in this process, other factors contribute to weight loss, such as:

  • Adherence to Nutritional Guidelines
  • BMI At the Start of Therapy
  • Whether or Not You're Exercising
  • The Type of Exercising You're Doing
  • Whether or Not You're Eating Healthy Foods
  • More

Maintaining a realistic perspective on your pace of weight loss is crucial. Face It Franklin strives to equip our patients with the necessary tools and knowledge to attain sustainable weight loss. But remember - your weight loss journey will almost certainly be different from other patients' experiences. As such, comparing your results with someone else's may not be a good idea. As Teddy Roosevelt wisely said, "Comparison is the thief of joy." This quote serves as sage advice that we should all keep in mind when trying to lose weight and live a healthy life.

Semaglutide For Weight Loss Edina, TN

The Life-Changing Benefits of Semaglutide in Edina, TN

Is semaglutide a one-size-fits-all solution for every person's weight-loss needs? No, it isn't. However, clinical studies show that more than half of patients lost weight while using the medication. That's exciting news, especially for men and women who have tried to lose weight before but failed. If you're committed to eating healthy and living an active lifestyle but still can't lose weight, semaglutide could be the nudge your body needs to transform.

Lose Weight Safely Over Time

Lose Weight Safely Over Time

Unlike many weight-loss "supplements," semaglutide helps you lose weight safely and effectively over time, but not as quickly as possible. That's a significant benefit because it gives your body time to adjust by reducing your food cravings, hunger, and appetite. That way, you can stick to a low-calorie diet easier with fewer chances of falling off the wagon. Since semaglutide also helps reduce the fat stored within your body, weight loss is gradual and safe.

Long-Lasting Weight Loss

Long-Lasting Weight Loss

Have you ever tried a diet that used supplements but found that your progress slowed or halted after your regimen was over? Semaglutide in Edina, TN, is different from other weight loss medications as it promotes long-term weight loss by assisting you in maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle even after you stop taking the medication. Other weight loss medications only work while they are in your system and are much less effective for long-lasting weight loss and healthy living.

Enhanced Metabolic Health

Enhanced Metabolic Health

Did you know that semaglutide was originally used for helping patients with type 2 diabetes? Semaglutide not only aids in weight loss but also lowers your chances of developing this common disease. It does so by enhancing your body's insulin utilization, reducing inflammation, and lowering cholesterol levels.

Fewer Side Effects

Fewer Side Effects

One of the biggest "knocks" about weight-loss medications is that they have horrible side effects that often outweigh the benefits of taking the medicine. Semaglutide is relatively tolerable by most patients, with the most common symptoms being headaches or constipation. When compared to other medications that actually put your health at risk, semaglutide is much safer and easier to take.

Not On Controlled Substance List

Not On Controlled Substance List

Many popular weight-loss medicines are notorious for containing harmful substances that can be found on controlled substance lists. Semaglutide is an FDA-approved medication that aids in weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Unlike phentermine, another drug used for weight loss that is a controlled substance, semaglutide does not have any such restrictions. However, it is necessary to have a doctor's prescription to obtain and use semaglutide in most cases.

Easy to Use at Home

Easy to Use at Home

If you're looking for a convenient way to manage your weight, consider using semaglutide injections from Face It Franklin. These injections only need to be taken once a week, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home or office. This makes it an excellent option for people with busy lifestyles. Plus, studies have shown that semaglutide is more effective than other weight management medications that require daily doses.

Live Your Best Life with Weight Loss Plans from Face It Franklin

As a premier medical spa that patients trust, Face It Franklin provides effective weight-loss treatments using time-tested techniques and the latest technologies. By combining those efforts with personalized services and custom weight-loss plans, we give patients an actionable chance to live healthy lives without the restrictions and challenges associated with obesity. Our practitioners and doctors are fiercely dedicated to advancing our craft, and we carry that dedication over into every service and product offered at Face It Franklin.

Setting up your initial weight-loss consultation with Face It Franklin shows that you're ready to make a change for the better. To that point, your health is essential, and it's crucial to start soon before it deteriorates further. If you're determined to feel better, look better, and live a life free of obesity, semaglutide in Edina, TN, could be the solution you're looking for. The next step towards a healthier life is entirely up to you. If you're ready to start, Face It Franklin is here to support you every step of the way.


Latest News in Edina, TN

Capitol Pain Institute Partners with Nura Pain Clinics and Broadens Reach to Minnesota

NASHVILLE, Tenn. & EDINA, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Iron Path Capital, a private equity firm focused on building differentiated businesses in the healthcare and specialty industrials sectors, is pleased to announce that Capitol Pain Institute (CPI) is entering the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan market via the acquisition of Nura Pain Clinics (Nura). This partnership expands CPI’s network of clinics and ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) in the Midwest, str...

NASHVILLE, Tenn. & EDINA, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Iron Path Capital, a private equity firm focused on building differentiated businesses in the healthcare and specialty industrials sectors, is pleased to announce that Capitol Pain Institute (CPI) is entering the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan market via the acquisition of Nura Pain Clinics (Nura). This partnership expands CPI’s network of clinics and ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) in the Midwest, strengthening the ability to provide exceptional care to patients with chronic pain in the region. CPI’s expansion to Minnesota marks the company’s sixth state in its national platform. CPI currently operates in Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Texas.

Minnesota is one of the fastest-growing states in the Midwest and is known for having a high-quality healthcare system. According to a Commonwealth Fund report, Minnesota ranks second in the United States for healthcare access, quality, and outcomes. This made it an attractive and natural next entry market for CPI.

“We are thrilled to continue growing our national network, and I feel very strongly that Nura Pain Clinic is the right team with whom to enter the Minnesota market,” said CPI founder and CEO Matt Schocket, M.D. “Nura’s commitment to providing personalized and patient-centric care aligns with our values at CPI. We are excited to work together as we expand our reach and treat more patients battling chronic pain with the innovative care they deserve.”

“Joining forces with CPI allows us to continue providing our patients with advanced quality care they have come to expect from Nura, while also giving us access to additional resources that will help us expand our services,” said Nura founder and CEO David Schultz, M.D. “We look forward to working with CPI and providing exceptional care and improving the lives of patients across Minnesota suffering from chronic pain.”

Nura is recognized in Minnesota and the overall Interventional Pain Management (IPM) community for its expertise in intrathecal pain pump implants and spinal cord stimulator implants. Dr. Schultz is a thought leader who has published multiple research studies on the efficacy of these treatments. A study designed by Dr. Schultz and subsequent article published in the Neuromodulation Journal found that 94% of patients reported improved pain control after pump implantation, 77.6% reported improved physical functioning, and 38.9% completely discontinued oral medication. Once a pain pump is implanted, it needs to be regularly refilled. To best serve patients, Nura also provides pharmacy and home care services to ensure the quality of their medication, as well as support patients who may be immobile or lack caretakers to bring them to the clinic for refills.

“Iron Path is investing behind Nura because of its strong clinical leadership in Dr. Schultz, reputation for compliance and quality patient care, high mix of specialty procedures, and contribution to scientific research that advances the entire IPM field,” said Iron Path Capital co-founder Rob Reistetter. “We are excited to have him join us as Chief Medical Officer of the Capitol Pain platform.”

CPI and Nura are committed to providing the most advanced, evidence-based pain management treatments available. The team of expert physicians and support staff work together to create individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs that are holistic and multidisciplinary, with the goal of reducing pain, improving function, and enhancing overall quality of life.

“As we embark on this journey with a new partner, we’re excited to advance our mission in finding the right talent and partnerships to bring our chronic pain treatment platform nationwide,” said Iron Path Capital co-founder Scott Mraz. “We look forward to the future and the positive impact on our partners, patients, and communities we serve.”

Learn more at and

About Capitol Pain Institute

Capitol Pain Institute (CPI) is a leading interventional pain management platform with clinics and ambulatory surgical centers across the United States. CPI offers a customized and multi-disciplinary approach to chronic pain treatment, with particular focus on advanced procedures such as spinal cord stimulator implants. CPI partners with physicians and practices that share a common goal of providing high quality, compassionate care at a reasonable cost. The company is also committed to enhancing the communities in which they serve and investing in the advancement of the field of pain management through innovation and evidence-based medicine. CPI was founded by Dr. Matthew Schocket in Austin, Texas in 2007. For more information, visit

Capitol Pain was advised by Brown, Gibbons, Lang, and Company for this transaction.

About Nura Pain Clinics

Nura (formally MAPS Medical Pain Clinics) was founded in 1995 by David Schultz, MD, a pioneer in interventional pain management. In his work as a practicing anesthesiologist in the 1990s, Dr. Schultz realized the need to treat chronic pain patients with a more comprehensive approach and went on to establish the region's first multidisciplinary pain management clinic, coordinating high tech interventional procedures with in-house physical therapy and psychology services. Nura is nationally recognized as a center of excellence for implantable pain control and one of the leading research centers in the U.S. for trials and implants of neuromodulation devices. Nura’s mission is to improve the lives of people living with the most complex chronic pain through exceptional care. For more information, visit

About Iron Path Capital

Iron Path Capital is an operationally focused private equity firm focused on lower-middle-market investments across the healthcare and specialty industrial sectors. With offices in Nashville, TN and Charlottesville, VA, Iron Path Capital supports its partners with capital, operating expertise, business development, and industry relationships to achieve significant scale. Iron Path Capital selects companies with stable cash flows, superior management teams, strong performance trajectories, and multiple vectors for growth, both organic and through consolidation. For more information, visit

High School Power Rankings: Late-April Edition [4/27/23]

Some big tournaments are coming up.April 27, 2023 by Charlie Eisenhood in Rankings with 1 commentsWelcome to the fifth edition of the 2023 High School Power Rankings! The rankings can be permanently found on our ...

Some big tournaments are coming up.

April 27, 2023 by Charlie Eisenhood in Rankings with 1 comments

Welcome to the fifth edition of the 2023 High School Power Rankings! The rankings can be permanently found on our Youth Rankings page.

The rankings will eventually be used to determine invitations to the 2023 High School National Invite; currently, we plan to use the rankings published the week of May 15th as the final rankings before the last bids are sent out (many bids will be sent out on a rolling basis).

If you have additional information about tournaments or team strength that you would like to be considered for the High School Power Rankings, please email

Teams, if you would like to add logos and team information to your Team Pages, follow these instructions!

Without further ado, here are the Top 25 teams in the Boys’ and Girls’ High School Divisions!

High School Girls Power Rankings:
Rank Team Change Prior
Dropped from rankings: Berkeley (CA) (22), Bainbridge (WA) (25)
1 Roosevelt (WA) - 1
2 Lincoln (WA) - 2
3 South Eugene (OR) - 3
4 Paideia (GA) - 4
5 Nathan Hale (WA) +1 6
6 East Chapel Hill (NC) +1 7
7 Franklin (WA) +1 8
8 Northwest (WA) +1 9
9 Green Canyon (UT) +1 10
10 Lone Peak (UT) +1 11
11 Lower Merion (PA) +1 12
12 Cleveland (WA) +2 14
13 Seattle Academy of Arts & Sciences (WA) - 13
14 Edina (MN) -9 5
15 Masterman (PA) - 15
16 Garfield (WA) +4 20
17 Ingraham (WA) -1 16
18 Newton North (MA) +3 21
19 West Windsor North (NJ) - 19
20 Madison (VA) +3 23
21 HB Woodlawn (VA) -
22 Strath Haven (PA) -5 17
23 University School of Nashville (TN) -5 18
24 El Cerrito (CA) -
25 Radnor (PA) -1 24



Young bloods: Here's what to know about the Drive, Chip and Putt National Finals

Before the adults tee off for their chance at a green jacket, the Augusta National this weekend will play host to 80 young golfers vying for glory.Here is a closer look at this year's Drive, Chip and Putt National Finals, who is competing and how to watch:Significant birthday:Masters tou...

Before the adults tee off for their chance at a green jacket, the Augusta National this weekend will play host to 80 young golfers vying for glory.

Here is a closer look at this year's Drive, Chip and Putt National Finals, who is competing and how to watch:

Significant birthday:Masters tournament co-founder, golf great Bobby Jones entered the world on St. Patrick's Day

'All of it has changed for the better':Tour experience propels Anna Davis back to Augusta

What are the Drive, Chip and Putt National Finals?

The event features 40 boys and 40 girls across four age groups, ranging from 7 to 15. They compete in three skills challenges to earn points for the longest drive, closest chip to the pin and closest putt.

Young golfers competed in events at top golf courses across North America to earn a spot in the 10 regional finals. Winners from each age group in each region earned the right to compete at the Augusta National on the Sunday before the Masters, which this year falls on April 2.

How can I watch the finals?

Ticket applications were accepted last summer, but supporters can catch the action on the Golf Channel starting at 8 a.m. Sunday, according to the network's website.

To attend in person future Drive, Chip and Putt finals, information is available online at

Who are the competitors?

While there are no local competitors, there are a few from Georgia including Hudson Justus from Gainesville, Narah Hope Kim from Duluth, and Grace Outhavong from Hampton.

There are also some international golfers this year including Angelina Chang from Aurora, Ontario; Ava Gilbart from Toronto; Maria Fernanda Giles from Chihuahua, Mexico; and Ha Young Chang from Surrey, British Columbia.

Here is the full list of finalists by age group:

Girls 7-9: Angelina Chang: Aurora, Ontario; Hazel Hegstrom: Providence, Rhode Island; Ashley Kim: Cerritos, California; Adalyn Lupton: Waunakee, Wisconsin; Anna Midyett: Bennington, Nebraska; Kylie Miller: Mayfield, Kentucky; Emily Nguyen: Richland, Washington; Minlin Ou: Shelby, North Carolina; Allie Stsevens: Austin, Texas; and Larissa Wheelless: Miami.

Boys 7-9: Alfred Carmenate: Miami; Carter Cline: Sammamish, Washington; Jacob Eagan: Castle Rock, Colorado; Koehn Kuenzler: Cortez, Colorado; Maxwell Lattavo: Chillicothe, Ohio; Knox Mason: Portland, Tennessee; Reid Meyers: Kensington, Connecticut; Emory Munoz: Lockport, Illinois; Wesley Powers: Friendswood, Texas; and Ezekial Wong: Markham, Ontario.

Girls 10-11: Caroline Cui: Redwood City, California; Viktoria Germain: Houston; Ava Gilbart: Toronto; Ada Inderlied: Virginia Beach, Virginia; Natalie Martin: Park Rapids, Minnesota; Hana McGarry: San Diego; Sophia Miller: Princeton, Iowa; Alexandra Phung: Forest Hills, New York; Adelyn Rosado: Cary, North Carolina; and Lily Wachter: St. Augustine, Florida.

Boys 10-11: Daniel Barcenas: Weston, Florida; William Comiskey: Hinsdale, Illinois; Hudson Justus: Gainesville, Georgia; Neal Manutai: Laie, Hawaii; Logan McGinn: South Williamsport, Pennsylvania; Beckett McLaughlin: Austin, Texas; Robert Melendez: Ann Arbor, Michigan; Jairo Sanchez-Godinez: Everett, Washington; Brady Shaw: Pueblo, Colorado; and Adam Silverman: Ashland, Massachusetts.

Girls 12-13: Reese Barry: Medina, Minnesota; Anna Bell: Poplar Bluff, Missouri; Katelyn Davis: Kingwood, Texas; Maya Palanza Gaudin: East Falmouth, Massachusetts; Maria Fernanda Giles: Chihuahua, Mexico; Leah Gram: Jupiter, Florida; Narah Hope Kim: Duluth, Georgia; Paige Radebach: Webberville, Michigan; Macie Rasmussen: Chesapeake, Virginia; and Ruihan Kendria Wang: Bellevue, Washington.

Boys 12-13: Jace Benson: Morgan, Utah; Charlie Haney: Manhattan, Kansas; Carson James: Prosper, Texas; Aarav Lavu: Wellesley, Massachusetts; Dawson Lew: Toronto; Slater Meade: North Wilkesboro, North Carolina; Ben Patel: North Aurora, Illinois; Carson Perry: Port Orange, Florida; Leo Saito: Hilo, Hawaii; and Harrison Young: Springfield, Ohio.

Girls 14-15: Emma Bush: Poway, California; Ha Young Chang: Surrey, British Columbia; Ava Taylor Estrella: Brookville, New York; Lyla Hampton: Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan; Julianna Ishii: Cockeysville, Maryland; Martha Kuwahara: Northbrook, Illinois; Audrey McIntyre: Lakeway, Texas; Grace Outhavong: Hampton, Georgia; Jolie Pastorick: Sarasota, Florida; and Saydie Wagner: Alpine, Utah.

Boys 14-15: Kyler Heath: Hillsborough, California; Alex Kim: Brookfield, Wisconsin; Elijah Lemmon: McCordsville, Indiana; Joseph Morinelli: Crozet, Virginia; Sander Ohe: Edina, Minnesota; Jacob Olearczyk: Barneveld, New York; Aadi Parmar: Selma, Texas; Luke Parsons: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; Jake Sheffield: Lenoir City, Tennessee; and Keita Yobiko: West Covina, California.

Are there any returning competitors?

Ben, Kuwahara, Saito, and Yobiko were all 2022 finalists. Parmar, Phung, and Radebach were 2019 finalists. Parsons competed in the 2018 finals.

2022-23 Subregional Qualifying

Follow along with Drive, Chip and Putt Subregional Qualifying, which is taking place around the country through late August. At each Subregional Qualifier, the top 2 participants in every age division will advance to Regional Qualifying. ...

Follow along with Drive, Chip and Putt Subregional Qualifying, which is taking place around the country through late August. At each Subregional Qualifier, the top 2 participants in every age division will advance to Regional Qualifying.

Inside the Numbers on Girls' Participation in High School Sports

Recently I saw an article in the Fargo, N.D.-based site about how, right across the Red River of the North, Minnesota is getting close to achieving actual equality in boys' and girls' high school sports participation. According to the 2017-18 participation survey by the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS), Minnesota's state association reported that ...

Recently I saw an article in the Fargo, N.D.-based site about how, right across the Red River of the North, Minnesota is getting close to achieving actual equality in boys' and girls' high school sports participation. According to the 2017-18 participation survey by the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS), Minnesota's state association reported that 49 percent of high school sports participants are girls, as high as number as any state has achieved. (The national number is 42.7 percent.)

Here is how the St. Paul Pioneer Press explained the gains in a August 2018 article, not long after the numbers were released:

According to coaches, parents, students and experts, Minnesota is at the intersection of several positive factors:

That explains the gain of 17,000 girls over 10 years up to 117,000. But the 5.5-percentage-point increase in girls' participation during that time (second only to Washington, DC's 5.6-point gain) is also a result of a drop of 7,000 boys during the same period, with 4,000 of those because of a decline in 11-player football participation. (I will note that in the NFHS count, one "girl" or "boy" is one girl or boy participating in one sport; a three-sport athletes would count as 3, not 1.)

Now, this isn't the point where I am going to start arguing that boys are somehow getting the shaft, or that football is dead, or that schools are still failing to promote girls' equality in sports 47 years into Title IX (though they are), or that we should look at sports and teenagers in a mere binary gender spectrum. What I am going to do is highlight some numbers that I dug up from the NFHS reports as I tried to learn more about Minnesota's success in attracting more girls to high school sports.

I offer no analysis, but like the Harper's Index, I just let the numbers speak for themselves.

TOP GIRLS' PARTICIPATION, BY PERCENTAGE, 2017-18: Minnesota (49), Pennsylvania (47.1), Maine (46.6), Alaska (46.6), New Hampshire (46.5), Connecticut (46.4), New Mexico (45.4), Colorado (44.9), South Dakota (44.8), Montana (44.8)

LOWEST GIRLS' PARTICIPATION, BY PERCENTAGE, 2017-18: Alabama (35), Tennessee (36.8), South Carolina (37.6), Mississippi (39), Georgia (39.9), Kansas (40.1), Texas (40.3), Iowa (40.5), Missouri (41), Wisconsin (41.1)




LARGEST PERCENTAGE-POINT INCREASE IN GIRLS' PARTICIPATION, 2007-08 to 2017-18: District of Columbia (5.6), Minnesota (5.5), Arizona (4.9), New Mexico (4.9), Nevada (4.4), South Dakota (4.4), Oregon (4), New Hampshire (3.6), Utah (3.4), Tennessee (3.2)

SMALLEST PERCENTAGE-POINT INCREASE IN GIRLS' PARTICIPATION, 2007-08 to 2017-18: Vermont (minus-2.9), Iowa (minus-1), Kentucky (minus-1), West Virginia (minus-0.4), Maine (zero), Virginia (zero), Missouri (0.3), Indiana (0.3), Oklahoma (0.4), Washington (0.4)




STATES WHERE GIRLS' NUMERIC PARTICIPATION DECLINED FROM 2007-08 to 2017-18: 8 (Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Vermont, West Virginia)

STATES WHERE BOYS' NUMERIC PARTICIPATION DECLINED FROM 2007-08 to 2017-18: 15 (New York, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Oregon, Nebraska, Maine, Vermont, Hawaii, South Dakota)

STATES WHERE OVERALL NUMERIC PARTICIPATION DECLINE FROM 2007-08 to 2017-18: 10 (New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Maine, Vermont, West Virginia)

STATES THAT APPEAR IN ALL THREE NUMERIC DECLINE CATEGORIES: 6 (Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Vermont)


This website publishes news articles that contain copyrighted material whose use has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. The non-commercial use of these news articles for the purposes of local news reporting constitutes "Fair Use" of the copyrighted materials as provided for in Section 107 of the US Copyright Law.
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